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Wag More Pet Treats

Doggie Delights

Wag More Doggie Delights will have your pups sitting pretty for more.  All treats are "chocolate" flavored with carob powder, safe for K9 consumption.  They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes including "brownies, mini donuts, paw prints, and bone shapes."


Blissful Biscuits

Wag More Blissful Biscuits will leave your pooch begging for more.  These treats are peanut butter flavored, made with peanut butter with no Xylitol.  The treats come in all shapes and sizes.  Seasonal biscuits shapes are offered for all fido's favorite howlidays.  Check back often for seasonal offerings.

K9 Cookies

Wag More K9 Cookies will make the most cool K9 go coo coo crazy for these Pumpkin flavored treats.  These treats like our Blissful Biscuits come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  These are also great for doggies needing low fat treats.  Don't let the low-fat word lead you "a-stray", these are tasty treats with real pumpkin that dogos LOVE!

Pretzel Snacks

Wag More Pretzel Snacks will have Fido rolling over for more.  These treats are made with parmesan and cheddar cheese - a great savory treat for all pups!  These as all of our treats come in a variety of shapes and sizes!

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